It will take about 5 minutes to purchase a travel medical insurance on our site - But usually customers prefer to contact the support service to consult on how to behave in case of an insured event and to make the use of the insurance more comfortable. Below we will give you some tips that will help you in a difficult situation abroad.

Actions in case of an insured event

  1. Contact Tripinsurance assistance by phone/email/ messengers. They are specified in each insurance policy.

  2. Please, provide the Assistance with the following information:
    - the insured person’s name, first name, date of birth, number and period of validity of the insurance policy;
    - your location and contact number;
    - a brief description of the problem.

  3. If the Policyholder (Insured) pays for the medical services on his own, he must notify the Insurer in writing upon return from the trip and provide all necessary documents to prove the occurrence of the insured event.

  4. Expenses incurred without the approval of the Insurer are not recoverable.

95% of insurance cases are serviced under the traditional scheme. The policy contains the phone numbers of the service centre (Assistance), which, on behalf of the insurance company, assists the travellers with medical care, arranging hospitalization and treatment, transportation to the place of permanent residence, etc.

How the Assistance works

After your call, operators of the service centre must find the nearest hospital (doctor) and provide them with guarantees of payment. When the agreement with the hospital is established, the operators contact and inform the address of the clinic (the doctor’s office) where to go. Depending on the country and arrangements it may take up to half an hour or more to get information about the hospital. Important nuance: abroad an ambulance is usually called only if the insured requires medical assistance on the way to the hospital (a threat to life and health). Otherwise, you will be offered to get to the hospital by yourself.

Is it possible to seek medical help by yourself?

You have the right to go to the nearest hospital or a doctor yourself when you no longer have time (ill-health, night comes or other reasons), if you wait the information for too long. In this case, please take all medical documents indicating the diagnosis, prescriptions, invoices and receipts for medical services and (or) medications and save them until the end of the trip. Upon return, you can reimburse these expenses with the insurance company.

Before your trip

It’s wise to leave information about the policy to relatives. If you bought a policy online, it is easy enough to do - send your family an email with the policy or give them a printout, and they will know where and under what conditions you are insured and they will be able to contact the service company themselves. It is not uncommon for a Consulate to inform relatives about the trouble, or such information appears in the media, and this means that something very serious has happened to you. In this case, only your relatives will be able to help you, and they by communication with insurance and service companies, when it comes to expensive surgeries or transportation home.

We hope that you will have pleasant trips without incidents!

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